“Don’t scientists believe there is no God”

Another common line of thought that I have noticed from people in the society that I have grown up in, is that most scientists are atheists, and now that we know lots of science, we are too clever to believe in a religion any more.

I will deal with this question in more detail soon inshAllah but just wanted to leave a quote from Isaac Newton for the time being:

Quotes taken from The Soul of Science pg 72

this most beautiful system of sun, planets, and comets could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent and powerful Being.”

Moreover, the motive for much of Newton’s scientific work was apologetical, a fact widely recognized in his own day. Roger Cotes, in his preface to the second edition of Newton’s *Principia*, wrote that the book “will be the safest protection against the attacks of atheists, and nowhere more surely than from this quiver can one draw missiles against the band of godless men.”


I would also like to leave a documentary that shows that Isaac Newton actually rejected the trinity and held views that are remarkably similar to Islams despite having not been influenced by islamic theology. he arrived at these conclusions from rational thinking:


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“Absurd Stories”

I would first like to deal briefly with the concept of “Absurd Stories”. That is, stories within a religion, that sound absurd. For example, many people may struggle to believe in Noahs Ark. In Islam we have stories which a non Muslim may doubt as true. For example, in a recent discussion, someone mentioned to me the story of the prophet Saaleh (Peace be Upon Him).

The Prophet Saaleh had a giant she camel, and asked his people not to slay the camel. The person I was discussing with, found the story “absurd”, and said they will never believe a giant she camel walked the earth. After doing some searching, I found this BBC article:


I believe the moral of the story here is that just because something goes beyond our perception of the world, and doesn’t rig true with our own personal experiences, that doesn’t necessarily make it untrue.

In Islam, like most religions, we believe that there is an all powerful creator, who created and controls everything within our universe, including the very laws of physics themselves. Therefore, it is perfectly possible for the creator to do something that will usually not be possible.

A good example of this is the story of the prophet Muhammad splitting the  moon into two halves. Some non Muslims find this “Absurd”. However, if there is a creator, it is perfectly feasible that this can happen. And if there is no creator, the discussion is irrelevant as Islam has already been disproven and so no discussion on this topic would  be required. Therefore either way, talking about these events are not a good line of attack from the atheists. Rather it is better to get into the core issue of whether a God exists or not.

Another example in the prophet Muhammads life time, was his miraculous journey (al mi’raaj). Even the non Muslims of his time doubted this story. So this line of attack is not something new.

However I believe any rational and reasonable person will accept that this is not a tenable argument and that attacking certain miraculous events as “Absurd” is really not a good way to disprove any theistic religion.

Of course, this works both ways. Quoting miraculous events is not a good way of proving your own religion, so I would never expect anyone to accept these stories as proof of Islam being an academically sound religion. Rather it is a neutral issue, which neither proves, nor disproves Islam, or any other religion.

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